pFriem Brewery and its award winning tasting room is located in Hood River, OR, just south of the Washington State border and across the street from the town’s beautiful Waterfront Park. Enjoy breathtaking views of the Columbia and White Salmon rivers while savoring pFriem’s core beers and current seasonals inside or around the fire-pit on the outdoor patio.



Open Daily| 11:30 am - 9:00 pm

menu subject to change


marinated olives - 4
pickle plate - 4
warm Pine Street rustic loaf with house spreads -6
pork rillette with onion jam, caper berries & grilled bread - 5
fried garbanzo - 3
braised bean and chickpea dip with carrot stick -4


Seasonal Soup
ask your server - 4 cup / 8 bowl

Hand Cut Fries *(aioli contains raw egg)
roasted garlic aioli - 5

Salt Cod Croquettes
with sauce Gribiche -7

Meat and Cheese Plate
two cheeses, charcuterie, mostarda,
house giardiniera, salted nuts - 15

Mussels and Fries
Taylor Farms mussels, leeks, cream,
herbs, hand cut fries, grilled bread - 15


House Salad
mesclun greens, veggies, sherry vinaigrette - 6

Shaved Collard Green Salad
collard greens, fennel, radish, roasted squash, smoked shallot vinaigrette, manchego - 11

Raddichio and Endive Salad
brown sugar vinaigrette, fromage blanc, currants, bacon lardons - 13


Mt. Shadow Cheeseburger
* (cooked to order)
pimento cheese, bread and butter pickles, butter lettuce, aioli - 13

Duck Sandwich
crispy confit duck on ciabatta with lemon and yogurt dressed arugula -12

Mt. Shadow Pastrami Burger
* (cooked to order)
house-smoked pastrami, caraway caramelized onions, Russian dressing, swiss cheese, butter lettuce- 14

Veggie Burger
lentil & mushroom burger, lettuce,
house made pickles, spicy sambal aioli - 10
add white cheddar - 1


Clam Chowder
made to order - WA state manilla clams, yukon potatoes, bacon - 15

Sofrito-Seared Shrimp
parsnip puree, saffron sofrito, arugula - 17

Cheesy Spaetzle
house-made spaetzle, creamy cheddar sauce, crispy shallots - 11 add bacon lardons - 3

House made Brat with braised red cabbage and butter poached fingerling potato - 15

Vegan Stuffed Squash
cumin-roasted acorn squash, wild mushroom duxelle, herb persillade - 15

Choucroute Garni
house smoked pork loin, smoked pork belly and a brat with duck fat roasted potatoes and Blue Bus Kraut -18

Sandwiches come with your choice of side salad, fries,
or a cup of soup

Parties of six or more include a 20% gratuity. No Split checks over six.
*Consuming raw, under cooked meats and/or eggs may increase your risk
of food borne illness.
pFriem goods available for sale, ask your server.

menu subject to change


WIT | 12 oz - $4.00 / 16 oz - $5.00
It is considered polite in Belgium to stand for a toast. Stand now, and raise a glass to sweet aromas of orange and spice, light-creamy flavor and a refreshing finish. Here’s looking at you, Wit.
5.1% / 18 IBUs

BELGIAN STRONG BLONDE | 8oz - $4.00 / 12oz - $5.00
Flemish etiquette implores you to wait and see if your host offers a toast before sipping your drink. Where this Belgian Strong Blonde is concerned, pFriem sees things differently. Waiting to taste a perfect harmony of strength and elegance, while sniffing its pear and clove bouquet is like torture. Clean maltiness, invigorating effervescence and just enough bitterness wait for no one.
7.5% / 30 IBUs

BLONDE IPA | 12oz - $4.00 / 16oz - $5.00
The great brewmasters of the Pacific Northwest are reverent of the past and its brewing traditions, but never cease to look forward, tinkering and experimenting to create flavors that are uniquely bold and new. Case-in-point, pFriem’s Blonde IPA — Its refreshing blast of citrus and secret ingredient (sunshine) will have you looking forward to another, even before enjoying its just bitter enough finish.
6.25% / 50 IBUs

IPA | 12oz - $4.00 / 16oz - $5.00
When the first Pale Ales were sailed around the Cape to arrive in India in the early 18th century, outcries of “Zounds! Jolly good! and Huzzah!” were heard across the East Indian subcontinent. Similar exclamations are to be expected when sniffing the piney aroma and tasting the big hops, huge citrus and candylike malt of our own IPA.
7.2% / 65 IBUs

Belgians say, “Op uw gezondheid’” when toasting, but you don’t have to speak Flemish to appreciate the bold, complex flavors of fig dipped in dark chocolate, ripe fruit and toffee in this immense Ale. Op uw gezondheid!
10.25% / 38 IBUs

PILSNER | 12oz - $4.00 / 16oz - $5.00
The story of pilsner starts in 19th century Bohemia when a Bavarian monk smuggled a special yeast to a brewmaster in Pilsen. The story of pFriem Pilsner starts in the Pacific Northwest where it acquires the aroma of fresh grass and flowers and a touch of honey. While there are no monks involved in this pilsner, there is still a crisp and spicy finish.
4.9% / 38 IBUs


VIENNA LAGER | 12oz - $4.00 / 16oz - $5.00
pFriem’s copper-colored Vienna Lager is a malty symphony, with aromas of toasted bread and fresh toffee, accompanied by full notes of caramel, nuts and a crisp finish with a touch of malted sweetness. Mozart would be proud.
5.3% / 20 IBUs

RAUCHBIER | 12oz - $4.00 / 16oz- $5.00
pFriem Rauchbier (or Smoke Beer) uses the centuries-old process of drying its malted grains over an open wood fire. The result is a beer laden with smoky aromas of toffee, biscuit, and charred meat, with rich and robust notes of caramel, smoked cheese, and candy-like malt. If you think this sounds odd, fascinating and delicious, just wait until you try one!
5.3%, 30 IBUs

MOSAIC SINGLE HOP PALE | 12oz - $4.00 / 16oz - $5.00
Deep within the arid climate of Washington’s Yakima Valley grows the Mosaic Hop, a newcomer that makes its debut in our pFriem Mosaic Single Hop Pale. This strong ale glows with an amber hue. Wafts of mango and citrus tease the senses just long enough before its assertive taste takes over with hits of lemon, pine and a slight tinge of blueberry. Make no mistake; this ale has a bright and tasty future.
6.3%, 45 IBUs

CITRUS ZEST IPA | 12oz - $4.00 / 16oz - $5.00
By adding grapefruit and tangelo zest to fruit and citrus forward hops we’ve maximized the fruit flavors in pFriem Citrus IPA. Its notes of melon, papaya, and ripe fruit, and the zesty, refreshing finish will have you puckering up with joy in no time.
6.3%, 45 IBUs

RyePA | 12oz - $4.00 / 16oz - $5.00
Rye was a popular brewing ingredient until the Duke of Bavaria banned its use in 1487. Over 500 years later the ban has been lifted, and we can finally release our pFriem RyePA. Take a sip and you’ll experience flavors of gingerbread and spice with an aroma of lychee fruit. There are even notes of rum and vanilla, which we think even the Duke of Bavaria would have appreciated.
6.4%, 47 IBUs

Triple IPA | 8oz - $5.00
Double IPA may have been invented by accident but pFriem Triple IPA was definitely brewed on purpose. With three times the amount of hops and malt, this is a huge hoppy ale brimming with flavors of peaches and cream, notes of strawberries and a ripe citrus finish. Like the classic song says, “If you’re hoppy and you know it, brew a new IPA.”
10.5%, 105 IBUs

Double IPA | 8oz - $5.00
Just like the name implies, brewing a batch of pFriem Double IPA takes twice the regular amount of malt and hops. That means each pint is brimming with doubly-rich aromas of fresh berries, notes of papaya and a malty sweetness. Just make sure to raise your glasses twice because a beer like this deserves a double cheers.
9.0%, 95 IBUs

Oatmeal Stout | 12oz - $4.00 / 16oz - $5.00
Oatmeal has been a favorite ingredient in brewing since King Arthur’s time, and we think you’ll understand why as soon as you take your first sip of pFriem Oatmeal Stout. Notes of hazelnut and chocolate will pique your palate as you savor the smoky-rich finish of this creamy stout. We officially dub thee Sir pFriem Oatmeal Stout, Knight of Beerlandia.
5.5%, 27 IBUs

Saison | 12oz - $4.00 / 16oz - $5.00
Age is nothing but a number, except when it comes to our Saison beer, where age means more developed flavors. It’s a nod to a traditional Saison beer that would have been aged longer during the winter months. Fragrant, with tropical aromas of guava, it brings a taste of resin and kumquats. Try a glass, and you, too, will believe in this classic.
6.5%, 32 IBUs

Brett Trois Pale | 8oz - $4.00 / 12oz - $5.00
Another wild yeast works its flavorful magic in pFriem Brett Trois Pale. Its aromas of pineapple, earth, and a touch of must, funky notes of pie cherry, white pepper and black tea will make it disappear down your throat before you can say abracadabra.
6.9%, 30 IBUs

Brett Wit | 8oz - $4.00 / 12oz - $5.00
We may age pFriem Wit with Brettanomyces wild yeast for six long months to create Brett Wit, but the beer’s aromas of gingerbread and orange peel, and notes of orange sickle, grape and cinnamon taste as fresh as a daisy.
5.6%, 18 IBUs

Flanders Red | 8oz - $7.50
pFriem Flanders Red is a tribute to the Burgundies of Belgium, the red ales that once captivated the country. Each glass is rich with notes of cherry, hints of passionfruit and a Pinot-like flavor that comes from the eighteen months it spent in an oak barrel. Take one sip, savor the tart finish and you’ll understand how one beer could charm a country.
7.0%, 10 IBUs

Oud Bruin | 8oz - $7.50
pFriem’s Foudre barrel aged Oud Bruin is a deep crimson beer featuring aromas of marionberry, apple butter and Cabernet, big notes of raspberry, fig, Sherry and leather with a tart, jammy finish that will make any beer lover tip their hat.
8.7%, 10 IBUs

Barrel Aged Saison | 8oz - $7.50
Our rustic Barrel Aged Saison nods to its storied Belgian roots but is a thoroughly modern Oregonian beer. Six months in Chardonnay barrels followed by generous dry-hopping produces a full flavor with a satisfying blend of pineapple and melon, followed by a slightly tart, creamy, yet dry finish.
6.5%, 30 IBUs

menu subject to change


Ca' del Baio Barbera D' Alba 2014
Springhouse Super Tuscan Blend 2013
Lemelson Willamette Valley Pinot Noir 2013

Springhouse Cellars Pinot Gris 2014
Phelps Creek Sauvignon Blanc 2015 Grochau Rosé 2015


Anthem's Cider


Virgil’s All-Natural Cola
Virgil’s All-Natural Root Beer
Reed’s Ginger Brew
San Pellegrino
San Pellegrino - Limonata
House Brewed Iced Tea
10 Speed Coffee

Apple Juice
Chocolate Milk